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Writer's Block: The last bite

What would be your last meal?

Thats a tough question to answer, because you just state " What would be your last meal." You could have finished it by saying "if you knew you were dying, // or if you died unexpectedly. ...your last meal would be:"

To answer your question " What would be your last meal. " - Anything.

What would be your last meal if you knew it was your last meal ? - Sushi

If you died unexpectedly? I dunno.

Please be more specific with your writer block questions!

Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy

What was the most embarrassing day of your life?

Probably recently at work. I've been trying to match it with past experiences, but its still embarrassing!! Two things:

1. Over the month of April, I was working in the back room of Wal-Mart doing up a cardboard bale, at 6 am, and as it came out of the machine, one of the wires burst, then another wire burst cardboard everywhere! The support manager at the time was back there when it happened. I said to him... " (( Managers name )) .... " " Yes?? " ... "...help!" lol. He face palmed. It took us forty five minutes to put everything back into the card board bins. Other stockers were coming back to bring me more cardboard to do their reaction was priceless. By seven am, we made a bale, and i was still cleaning up the floor. One of the receiving ladies told me stuff like this happens time to time. I just never thought it would happen to me. A few weeks later, I was getting managers to help me out cause I was still shaking about the bale bursting. Still am nervous now. I won't make a bale if I'm not feeling well. The new (support managers) want me to train others how to make it, I start by the time I get past the emergency off switch, the main night manager comes by and takes over.

2. Almost getting squished by a cardboard bin thanks to my manager. He was coming one way in the back, I was heading the other way to the machine with my cardboard he was heading the other way with a fore way display, both of us thinking we have enough room to squeeze by, nope!kinda pushed me back a little bit. One of the girls giggled saying " thank god for our girls up there. Lots of cushion area! " I went red!
I was okay, manager felt bad, he told others that he almost squished his HBA girl. (health and beauty department).

Other then that, thats about all I can think of that was embarrassing.


Hi Everyone,

This has been bugging me all night... I was on my way to work around 9:45pm we drove by Roberston Road in Bells Corners... saw two police cars with their lights on at one intersection. as we passed it, no accident no car beside it as if someone been pulled over (my guess) next interestion two more police cars on the curb with their lights on... and one across the street. Past the third interestion, There was one police car on the left side of Roberston (after Roberston Mall) and one by the car dealer ship all with their lights on

I tried doing an online news search for what was wrong, and couldn't find anything. I mean its ncie to know we have that many police cars! my dad and I's first reaction was " shit I didn't know we had that many police vehicles here in Kanata! " There might have been more, but I'm just describing what I remember. . .
To the 118 Bus drivers (( or others that live in that area/passed that area at that time...) Do you know what happened??? I'm just curious!


Writer's Block: Apocalypse now?

It's the beginning of the end, according to Harold Camping. How will you spend what could be your last day on Earth?

For starters, this is a lie... Wasn't the End of the World Day suppose to be December 12 2012? Now there's two more dates on top of that? Yesterday ( May 21st 2011 ) And October 21st 2011? Didn't they say in the year 2000 that the world was going to end too?

I don't believe this at all. I woke up the night of May 21st to go to work at 11 pm, got to work, everyone was talking about it. My reaction was, Joy, last hours on Earth Stocking Shelves? That's what I'll be doing !!

I heard that a family pulled their kids outta school because their obsessed with this . To them , it may not be so stupid but from my point of view the most stupidest reason to pull a kid out of school.

Does this mean I gotta clean my room if the world is ending???

Writer's Block: Random acts of kindness

What is the nicest thing you've ever done for a stranger? What is the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

I like this one. As I was reading the question, Only one nicest thing I could have done for stranger(s)  is.... wait for it.

Being a Girl Guide Leader. I've been in Girl Guides for 18 Years, and a Leader for 10. I'm on my 10th year as of next Wednesday!!!! I don't know these kids that come to my meeting or parents. But At the end of every year, I always hear " good work ! My daughter loves coming to your meetings. " My new leader said to me that she's coming back and helping me as a leader this year because of the incdridble amount of effort and work I put in in order to make sure the meetings run smooth and no one got hurt. Their not my kids so my meetings are 100% Before each game or activity I discuss safety with them. It works. Seeing the kids smile at the end of the meeting makes my night.
I tell people why I'm a Girl Guide Leader for Canada, I would rather see the kids in the meeting room then in jail or detention center for doing criminal acts. If anyone of my girls that I have is there I'll be disappointed. My term ends at the end of May 2011 but I may renew my membership for the same unit.

Nicest thing a stranger has done for me?? Given me a hug when I was really stressed out at work. I don't know her out of work, I don't know her kids her family or her life. Just know her as my co-worker. She saw I was stressed out, and as I told her why i had tears in my eyes and ya I did cry not loud but softly. we just sat down n the department and she gave me a hug to make me feel better. I was embarrassed but I don't like being told by people whom you thought said to you " oh good job keep up the good work. " turns thier back on you telling you your not allowed to do this or that anymore because you screw it up. Then you get blammed for leaving mounds of t-shirts for them to do since you being the only fashion lady there isn't allowed to do them. Yea, it was stressful at that time and I always thank her for it. We started 2 years ago together on overnights Its not as easy as everyone says it is. And if the evening closing staff doesn't keep up with what their suppose to do making sure theirs no buggies with carts  of stuff in them in the way of the items we're suppose to stock like today!!! BAH then how are we suppose to do our job?

Now  a days I'm ignoring it since I just came back from holidays on Saturday. I'm not that stressed anymore really. They can't blame me for anything since I haven't worked in 2 weeks. So tough shit for them.


Canada Day was surprisingly not as fun as last years. Only band that was interesting was Lucas's band from high school were playing. I'm not a David Usher fan and having to listen to him for 45 minutes made me not like him even more. Pat, parked at my house and we walked up. Only a 15 minute walk, less then that but they thought it was longer since they don't get out much walking. I explained reason I suggested my house for parking was because of all the Thefts for cars lately, its the safest place.

Sara's co-worker Matt joined us. met him new years eve but still don't like talking to him. Saw a co-worker from my work walk by at 8 pm he didn't say hi or anything. I was trying to convince Andrew to join us almost successful then his friends dragged him down town. Bah, but we were texting each other all day, Sara said he sounds like my boyfriend but we're just really good co-workers.

Around 3 pm a fire broke out at the halfway point to Stitsville, but one of the photos I'll post later shows that it looks like its right behind the corner of the recreational center. Luckily there were firefighters on the scene already but everyone on the hill was looking at it wondering how close it was. Sara and I walked over to the back of the building, it was a Barn that was on fire. Poor Barn. 

Stupid kids were smoking weed in front of us, every time they walked by you could smell it. They were rude too wanted to smack them.

The best thing about this year and all three -four of us agreed there was an Indian family with two young kids beside us, looked like their first time in Canada, and a Canadian family was beside them, one of the moms was giving their kids glow bracelets, then she came over to the Indian family, and gave the youngest kid a bracelet. He looked down at it with the " I don't understand " reaction, and she came back saying its for the fireworks when it gets dark out, and you can keep it afterwards. He smiled and showed his mom and dad., Just seeing good gestures like that from Canadians makes me melt a bit. That was the best moment so far in my years of Canada Days at Walter Baker Park.

Everyone that I know was downtown visiting the Parliament Hill because Bare naked Ladies were preforming, and the Queen was there. Meh, She'll be back again so far I heard that it wasn't at all exciting.

Hopefully next year will be better, but 2009 celebration was still the best.

I'm home now, getting ready for work, then gonna sleep a bit.


A 5.5 m. Earthquake struck all of Ontario and half of Quebec today around quarter to two pm. No injuries were reported so far from the news cast and from my friends in Toronto and Barrie Ottawa was the center of it so lots of people were asking me over facebook if I was okay I'm okay. Cell phone service is messed up though I can finally call people. Couldnl't for 30 minutes. None of us int he house could but we all stayed together in one room waiting for it to stop.

Everyone was evacuated from the offices downtown my dad said it was very noisy down there. Talk of the day Ontario's Earthquake 2nd one in two years.



Everyone's always talking about the World Cup in Africa. I'm happy that its there Africa's a country that needs to be recognized. I was staring at the World Cup stuff today. I play soccer, and support soccer and always a fan. I'm not 100% sure which teams in it, if Costa Rica's in it or not. The team I use cheer for I still do! since i been there. I'll cheer for Africa ^_^ Canada's not that great at soccer professionally....no offense to my own country.

I'm taking my parents out to Boston Pizza for Dinner. I'm giving him his fathers day gift early in case I don't see him Sunday


My dogs have been pissing me off all day. all they want to do is be outside. they don't understand that

outside = bees
Heather = terrified of Bees

See the situation? I can't close it because then they ask to be brought in. So I leave it open half way. Yaaaaa...fun eh ? 


Writer's Block: Forgive and forget?

Has someone you loved and respected ever done something you consider despicable? If so, how did you deal with it? Did you try to forgive them? Did it permanently change your feelings for them?

Yes someone has, my ex best friend since grade 8 I've stuck up for her, then one fight we had because apparently I said something behind her back one day, we were in high school we've all done it one way or another.  I've moved on from that and after college I wanted to start everything over, my second best friend is now my best friend and we forgave each other and moved on.. However this other girl has not forgave either of us refuses to get to gether with and said that her parents have always hated me. And she held this in for 12 years, and let it out in November when I questioned our friendship. I was worried about it because I've considered her my best friend for most my life and now this shit? Shiesh. I tried again after the holidays but she still is not expecting my forgiveness. She's a good person, and I like her to be my friend becuaseI I've changed since high-school. Everyone that knows me since then has admitted that I've changed.