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It doesn't take much, but it seems like I do it all

A journal about work at Walmart, volunteering, and other things.

19 August 1986
I left Sobeys November 8th 2008.
I know work Overnights at Walmart in kanata. Yes I maybe crazy but your insane for getting up at 5am to go to work. I rather be up working at 5am then just waking up.

I'm a recent summer graduate of algonquin college June 2008 .
I still love things I loved before, my personality has changed a little, some things have changed, my appearnce and everything basically. New work, new friends, new life this year. So far its going great.
One fucking thing to say though if you don't like me SAY IT don't fucking coward away for years and years. I want to know. If you don't like something I'm saying over Livejournal fucking say it besides cowarding away.